April 2014

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No. 318
April 2014

Our cover
by Diana Magnuson
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Fire and Ice, by Eric C. Hammerstrom, and Surprise Party, by Jeremy Vavrik
The two winners of the 2013 Marquette Monthly Short Story Contest


City Notes Edited By Nicole Gearhart
Highlights of important happenings in the area

Word to the Wise  Gerald Waite

Back Then  Lucy Hough
Memories of Maple Street

Food & Other Important Things  Don Curto
A little bit about bread

Arts & Humanities  Pam Christensen
Week sets time to celebrate libraries

Lookout Point  Becky Greiner
Seven years later in Sawyer

Family Friendly Community Guide and Calendar
Helpful articles and fun things to do for families

In the Outdoors  Diana Magnuson
Saving pollinators is possible––and easier than you might think

Health Matters  Leslie Bek
The Picky Eaters Club

More Lookout Point  Kathleen Heideman
Concerned citizens challenge mine permit

More Health Matters Scott Ham
Infants thrive with parental attention, interaction

Superior Reads Tyler Tichelaar
Celebrate National Poetry Month with local poets’ books

8-18 Media
Stagehands critical to youth theatre

Home Cinema  Leonard G. Heldreth
Award-winning films worth a watch

Out & About This Month Carrie Usher
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This month's Brad Veley cartoon

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Craig Linde

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