October 2014

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No. 324
October 2014

On Our Cover,
by Elizabeth Yelland


Domestic Violence Awareness Month puts issue in the spotlight 
Author explores “Why she stays”; Women’s Center fund-raiser planned


City Notes Edited By Senja Wahlman
Highlights of important happenings in the area

Word to the Wise  Gerald Waite
Verbum satis sapientibus: A word to the wise is sufficient

In the Outdoors  Diana Magnuson
Keweenaw Bay Indian Community: native plants greenhouse leads in plant restoration

Food & Other Important Things  Pat Tikkanen
Twenty-five years of food and other important things

Back Then  Larry Chabot
Mark Twain charms U.P.

Locals  Deborah K. Frontiera
Taking the “dis” out of disability

Family Friendly Community Guide and Calendar
Helpful articles and fun things to do for families

Lookout Point  Becky Greiner
Downtown Marquette hosts Baraga Harvest Fest fun

More Arts & Humanities  Peggy Frazier
Lake Superior Theatre wraps up its season

Arts and Humanities  Pamela R. Christensen
The value of a library card

More Arts & Humanities  Barbara Jason-Buchkoe
A “Grand” experience

More Arts and Humanities Amanda Erspamer-Berry
Marquette students seek votes for grant

More Arts & Humanities Zada Doyle
Halloween Spectacle to feature “spirits of the lake”

More Arts and Humanities Sarah Monte and Abbey Palmer
Marquette Food Co-op celebrates new location

Health Matters Jill Fries
A ready nation starts at home

8-18 Media
It’s ribbons all around for 4-H kids

Home Cinema  Leonard G. Heldreth
Genre-bending films provide offbeat entertainment

Superior Reads Tyler Tichelaar
U.P. Authors write about two very different ladies

Out & About This Month Carrie Usher
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This month's Brad Veley cartoon

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